South Asia Regional Conference on Financial Education - Russia Trust Fund

NEW DELHI, INDIA - March 3-6, 2013 – The Reserve Bank of India in collaboration with OECD and the World Bank hosted the Regional Dissemination Conference on Financial Education to present the work of the Russia Trust Fund on Financial Literacy and Education and address specificities from India and the Asia region, notably national strategies for financial education, the measurement of financial literacy and methods for programme evaluation together with financial education for young people and women, as well as innovative delivery methods. Each session included a discussion of case studies chosen among relevant and successful examples from Asia in particular.

This conference was attended by high-level Indian, OECD and World Bank representatives, high-level officials and experts from ministries of finance and education, central banks, regulatory and supervisory authorities, officials of state governments and international organisations, the private sector, the academic and civil community as well as NGOs.

pdf documents
Developing National Strategies for Financial Education: OECD/INFE Principles and Practical Examples from Asia and the Pacific
OECD/INFE High-level Principles on National Strategies for Financial Education
Flore-Anne Messy, OECD
The National Strategy for Financial Education
Giriraj Prasad Garg, National Institute of Securities Markets, India
Financial Education for Financial Inclusion: The Indonesian Perspective
Pungky Wibowo, Bank Indonesia
National Strategies for Financial Education: Japan
Ryoko Okazaki, Central Bank of Japan
National Strategy of Financial Education: The Czech Experience
Helena Kolmanova, Czech National Bank
Developing Surveys to Measure Financial Literacy and Capability
Making Sense of Financial Capability Surveys around the World
Valeria Perotti, World Bank
Measuring Financial Capability in a Low- and Middle-income SettingValeria Perotti, World Bank
OECD/INFE Tools for Cross-country Surveys of Financial Literacy
Adele Atkinson, OECD
The Findex Survey of Financial Inclusion
Douglas Randall, World Bank
Financial Literacy and Financial Inclusion: Findings and Experiences from Asia and Pacific
Results of the Financial Literacy Survey in Japan
Ryoko Okazaki, Central Bank of Japan
Measuring Financial Capability: Lessons Learned from the Papua New Guinea Financial Capability Pilot Study
Rufina Peter, Institute of National Affairs, Papua New Guinea
GHS - Panel Survey on Exploring Financial Capability
Temitayo Adebiyi, National Statistics Office, Nigeria
Introduction to the Program, Knowledge Products and Website of the Financial Literacy and Education Trust Fund
The Russia Financial Literacy and Education Trust Fund
Richard Hinz, World Bank
Key OECD/INFE Outputs for the Russian Financial Literacy and Education Trust Fund
Flore-Anne Messy, OECD
Principles and Methods for Impact Evaluation
OECD High-level Principles for the Evaluation of Financial Education Programmes
Adele Atkinson, OECD
A Toolkit for Evaluation of Financial Capability Programs in Low and Middle Income Countries
Joanne Yoong, National University of Singapore
Youth: Developing Financial Skills and Competencies
Assessing Needs and Tracking Progress: PISA Financial Literacy
Flore-Anne Messy, OECD
Developing Financial Skills and Competencies: Thailand’s Experience
Amara Sriphayak, Bank of Thailand
Financial Education and Behavior Formation: Large Scale Experimental Evidence from Brazil
Luciana de Souza Leao, World Bank
Women: Empowerment through Financial Education
Empowering Women through Financial Education
Chiara Monticone, OECD
Innovative Methods for Financial Capability Enhancement: Case Studies and Impact Evaluation
Does Financial Education Affect Savings Behavior? Evidence from a Randomized Experiment in India
Leopold Sarr, World Bank
FINO Financial Literacy Program
Prakash Lal, FINO, India
Financial Literacy Intervention on EKO Clients in Bihar
Santadarshan Sadhu, Centre for Micro Finance, India
Comic FX: Informing and Inspiring Changes in Financial Behavior
William Jack, Georgetown University, USA
Financial Literacy through Mainstream Media: Evaluating the Impact of Financial Messages in a South African Soap Opera
Florentina Mulaj, World Bank
Learning by Doing: Can Savings Lotteries Build Financial Capability?
Martin Kanz, World Bank
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