Asia-Pacific Regional Conference on Financial Literacy and Education - Russia Trust Fund

SAINT PETERSBURG, RUSSIA - June 26-27, 2012 – The Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation, the World Bank and the OECD sponsored a conference held in conjunction with the APEC Senior Finance Officials Meeting. The conference was titled "Improving the Efficiency of National Strategies for Financial Literacy".

The objective was to present the work undertaken by the World Bank and the OECD through the Russia Financial Literacy and Education Trust Fund and to offer a venue for interaction between stakeholders and international experts on Financial Education and Capability, Financial Stability, Financial Access and Inclusion and Consumer Protection.

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Opening Remarks
Andrey Bokarev, Ministry of Finance, Russian Federation
Elements and Experiences in Developing National Financial Education Strategies
National Strategies for Financial Education
André Laboul, OECD
Roundtable Discussion of APEC Economies Experience
The Development of the New Zealand National Strategy for Financial Literacy
Diana Crossan, Commission for Financial Literacy and Retirement Income, New Zealand
Juan-Manuel Valle, Ministry of Finance, Mexico
Implementation of High-level Principles in Developing a National Financial Literacy Strategy in Russia
Anna Valkova, Ministry of Finance, Russian Federation
Reaching Young Populations in Schools and Through Other Channels
OECD/INFE Guidelines on Financial Education in Schools
Flore-Anne Messy, OECD
Improving Efficiency of the National Strategies for Financial Literacy
Annamaria Lusardi, George Washington University, USA
Case Study: A National Program of Financial Education in the Schools in Brazil - Part 1
José Alexandre Vasco Cavalcanti, Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission
Case Study: A National Program of Financial Education in the Schools in Brazil - Part 2
Bilal Zia, World Bank
Roundtable Discussion of APEC Experience
Japanese Programs on Financial Education at Schools
Hidehiko Sogano, Bank of Japan
Financial Education: Peruvian Teachers Programs Experience
Roxana Buendía, Superintendency of Banking, Insurance and Private Pension Funds (SBS), Peru
Measuring Financial Literacy and Capability
How Do You Know Your Know-How? Review of Original Methods to Measure Financial Literacy and Capability
Giuseppe Iarossi, World Bank
Measuring Financial Capability in a Low- and Middle-income Setting
Elaine Kempson, University of Bristol
OECD/INFE Tools for Cross-country Surveys of Financial Literacy
Adele Atkinson, OECD
Measuring Financial Inclusion: The Global Findex
Leora Klapper, World Bank
Case Studies of National Measurement Efforts
Financial Capabilities Measurement Project in Mexico
Luis Trevino Garza, National Banking and Securities Commission, Mexico
Measuring Financial Capability in PNG: A Unique Opportunity
Gae Kauzi, Bank of Papua New Guinea
Impact Evaluation of Financial Capability Enhancement Programs
OECD/INFE Tools for Evaluating Financial Education Programs
Adele Atkinson, OECD
Developing An Evaluation Toolkit For Financial Capability Programs In Low- and Middle-income Countries
by Joanne Yoong, Rand Corporation
Case Studies: Methods and Findings from Evaluation Studies
Evaluating the Effectiveness of Mexico's Credit and Savings Disclosure Reforms
Xavier Giné, World Bank
Impact of Financial Literacy for Migrants at Destination
Bilal Zia, World Bank
Evaluation of Entertainment Education to Improve Financial Capability in South Africa
Gunhild Berg, World Bank
Russian National Financial Education and Financial Literacy Project
Russia's National Financial Literacy and Financial Education Project
Anna Zelentsova, FEFL Project Coordinator
National Measurement of Financial Capability and Financial Behaviour in Russia: First Steps
Olga Kuzina, National Research University, Russian Federation
Regional Programs
Improvement of Financial Literacy and Financial Education in the Volgograd Oblast
Marat Abdulkhalykov, Minister of Finance, Volgograd Region
Improvement of Financial Literacy in the Kaliningrad Oblast in 2011-2016
Victor Porembsky, Minister of Finance, Kaliningrad Region
Importance of Strengthening Financial Consumer Protection in the Russian Federation
Oleg Prusakov, Federal Agency for Consumer Protection and Human Well-being Surveillance, Russian Federation
Special Issues in Developing Programs and Communication Campaigns
5 Steps To Planning Success: Developing and Testing New Strategies for Reaching Young Adults
Ari Kapteyn, Rand Corporation
The Importance of Targeting Different Audiences Through Financial Education
Annamaria Lusardi, George Washington University, USA
MoneySENSE - Sharing Singapore’s Experience
Leow Wei Jen, Ministry of Finance, Singapore
Communication and Financial Issues: The Case of Pension
Flore-Anne Messy, OECD
APEC and Global Financial Capability Agenda: Next Steps
Financial Capability Framework
Aurora Ferrari, World Bank
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