About Us

This website features the World Bank's ongoing research and technical assistance related to responsible finance. In particular, it offers data and information from three flagship products:

  • Country diagnostic reviews assess the legal/regulatory policy and institutional framework for financial consumer protection against international good practices
  • Household surveys measure how financially capable people are and provide demand-side information for strengthening existing financial consumer protection frameworks
  • Technical assistance provides assistance in strengthening legal and institutional frameworks for Financial Consumer Protection and raising Financial Capability levels

The information presented on this website presents both supply and demand side data: 

On the demand side, consumers need to be financially capable to have a good understanding of the financial products available to them and to know how to choose and use the products that best fit their needs. Demand side data represents data from the household surveys and can be found under the “users of financial data” tab.

On the supply side, an adequate legal and institutional framework must be in place to ensure that consumers get adequate information, the financial institutions engage in fair and non-coercive business practices, and that they have access to inexpensive and speedy mechanisms to address complaints. This represents data from the global survey on consumer protection and can be found under the “providers of financial services, policies and regulations” tab.