Current Projects

The Financial Inclusion and Consumer Protection Service Line of the World Bank is currently collecting or planning to gather data in 6 economies around the world. The table below lists those countries for which data will be available in the near future. For each country, the type of survey, project phase, as well as the projected data delivery date are displayed. Survey type indicates if it was conducted as a stand-alone or added to an existing survey. Project phases comprise initial planning stages, the subsequent Fieldwork and finally the Data Standardization process.

Country Delivery Date Phase Survey Type
Malawi Spring 2014 Data Standardization Stand-alone
Morocco Spring 2014 Implementation Stage Stand-alone
Mozambique Spring 2014 Implementation Stage Stand-alone
Nigeria Winter 2013 Data Standardization Add-on
The Philippines Summer 2014 Planning Stage Stand-alone
Papua New Guinea Fall 2014 Planning Stage Stand-alone