The World Bank is developing its work in Financial Consumer Protection, drawing insights from surveys of the users of financial services (the demand side) and surveys of the providers of financial services (the supply side). This section details the survey methodology, provides access to data, and gives a summary of current and future activities.

The 2013 Global Survey on Financial Consumer Protection and Financial Literacy provides insights on the legal and institutional arrangements in deposit and credit services in 114 countries, assessing progress in a number of areas using data from a 2010 survey. 


  • Users of financial services

    A certain level of knowledge of fundamental financial concepts and basic numeracy skills are needed in order to effectively participate in financial markets. To assess people's understanding of financial concepts the Financial Capability and Consumer Protection survey instrument includes core questions relating to 'Financial knowledge'. It covers concepts such as inflation, simple interest, compound interest or money illusion. In addition, it includes questions to test people's basic numeracy skills needed, for instance, to be able to shop around and to identify cheaper bargains. Since knowledge alone does not necessarily translate into sound financial behavior the questionnaire further collects information on people's 'Financial behavior and attitudes'.
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    Providers of financial services, policy and regulations

    The 2013 Global Survey on Consumer Protection and Financial Literacy (CPFL) is the first in a planned bi-annual series presenting indicators on relevant CPFL topics for loan and deposit taking institutions. The report updates data on access to financial services from a survey of financial regulators in over 100 economies and includes chapters on legal framework, institutional arrangement, disclosure practices, dispute resolution mechanisms and financial literacy. Data were collected through a survey sent to country financial supervisors, such as central banks or consumer protection agencies where available. The survey questionnaire consists of two parts: the consumer protection and financial literacy questions. It includes questions on the 5 identified topic areas under consumer protection. These are the legal framework, institutional framework, disclosure requirements, business practices and dispute resolution mechanisms.
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Current survey projects

We are currently collecting data in 6 countries.
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Raw Data - for researchers

Download the raw data (for free) along with the questionnaires and accompanying survey documentation.
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  • Data has been aggregated to country-level indicators. Options include viewing data by firm subgroups and obtaining standard error and number of observations statistics.
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