Investigating the Financial Capabilities of SMEs

A 24-country survey yields a comprehensive view of SME financial capability, identifies clusters of vulnerable SMEs, and recommends areas of early stage policy intervention and support to help SME improve performance and attract investment. Download (PDF) »


The 2017 Global FICP Survey tracks the prevalence of policy, legal, regulatory, and supervisory efforts to advance financial inclusion and financial consumer protection
in 124 jurisdictions representing 141 economies.    Feature Story »   Download (PDF) »

Enhancing Financial Capability and Inclusion in Zambia - a Demand-side Survey

Zambia concluded its Financial Sector Development Plan in 2015 and is setting ambitious targets for 2020 and beyond. This World Bank assessment informed Zambia's further strategy work, helped formulate quantifiable and concrete targets, and assessed the effectiveness of future financial capability enhancing programs. Download (PDF) »

Good Practices for Financial Consumer Protection - 2017 Edition

A thorough update and expansion upon the 2012 original, this comprehensive reference and assessment tool for policy makers consolidates global good practices, country examples, and implementation notes. Download (PDF) »

SupTech: Technology Solutions for Market Conduct Supervision

Technology can help market conduct supervisors to safeguard financial consumers from unfair business practices. Our discussion note examines applications and benefits of Suptech, and features case studies from U.S., Lithuania, and Brazil. Download (PDF) »


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Users of financial services


Providers of financial services, policy & reg.


Users of Financial Services

  • Financial Capability & Household Surveys: This household survey tool is tailored to measure financial literacy/capability in low- and middle income countries and to help identify behaviors, attitudes, and skills that are related to day-to-day money management, planning for the future, choosing financial products and staying informed.

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Providers of Financial Services, Policy and Regulations

  • Diagnostic Reviews: The reviews provide an in-depth assessment of the legal, policy and institutional framework for financial consumer protection and financial literacy.

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Recent Events

  • Bullet January 25, 2018 in Washington, DC – Launch of the Good Practices for Financial Consumer Protection, 2017 edition and the 2017 Global Financial Inclusion & Consumer Protection (FICP) Survey Report:
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