Enhancing Financial Capability and Inclusion in Senegal - A Demand-side Survey

Despite some progress made, over 80% of Senegalese adults remain unbanked. This report shows that this is partially linked to a lack of financial capability and suggests concrete actions to close the identified gaps. Download (PDF) in English and French »

Financial Literacy & Education – Russia Trust Fund

The trust fund, financed by Russian Federation, enabled the World Bank and OECD to deepen understanding of financial capability and produce methodologies and tools to measure and evaluate it. Read more »

Financial Capability and Inclusion in the Philippines - A Demand-side Assessment

How financially capable and included are Filipinos? What actionable solutions can enhance their capability and inclusion levels? Find out in this new report. Download (PDF) »

Financial Capability and Inclusion in Morocco - a Demand-Side Assessment

Insights from the first Financial Inclusion and Capability Survey in Morocco (2014), based on a nationally representative sample and proven methodology. Download (PDF) »

Global Survey on Consumer Protection and Financial Literacy

Legal and institutional arrangements in deposit and credit services for 114 countries, with comparisons to 2010 data. Download (PDF) »


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Users of Financial Services

  • Financial Capability & Household Surveys: This household survey tool is tailored to measure financial literacy/capability in low- and middle income countries and to help identify behaviors, attitudes, and skills that are related to day-to-day money management, planning for the future, choosing financial products and staying informed.

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Providers of Financial Services, Policy and Regulations

  • Global Survey on Consumer Protection and Financial Literacy: These surveys presents information collected from over 100 countries around the world on financial consumer protection and financial literacy framework and implementation arrangements.

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    Diagnostic Reviews: The reviews provide an in-depth assessment of the legal, policy and institutional framework for financial consumer protection and financial literacy.

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