Good Practices for Financial Consumer Protection

The World Bank's Good Practices (2012) provide a comprehensive diagnostic tool to help identify the consumer protection issues in all parts of the financial sector.
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Event: June 13-14, 2013 - G20 Conference

Empower Consumers of Financial Products and Services through Improved Financial Literacy/Capability and Effective Consumer Protection Systems:
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Global Survey on Consumer Protection and Financial Literacy

This 2013 survey covered legal and institutional arrangements in deposit and credit services for 114 countries, with comparisons to 2010 data.
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Users of financial services


Providers of financial services, policy & reg.


Users of Financial Services

  • Financial Capability & Household Surveys: This household survey tool is tailored to measure financial literacy/capability in low- and middle income countries and to help identify behaviors, attitudes, and skills that are related to day-to-day money management, planning for the future, choosing financial products and staying informed.

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Providers of Financial Services, Policy and Regulations

  • Global Survey on Consumer Protection and Financial Literacy: These surveys presents information collected from over 100 countries around the world on financial consumer protection and financial literacy framework and implementation arrangements.

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    Diagnostic Reviews: The reviews provide an in-depth assessment of the legal, policy and institutional framework for financial consumer protection and financial literacy.

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